Why choose us?

We support small and medium sized businesses with a focus on the creative industry but have clients across a number of different fields.

Working with Photolease offers genuine benefits including:

  1. You deal directly with the funders, we are the decision makers, independent, understanding and flexible.
  2. We are not limited by strict lending criteria, we do not credit score and often accept deals that others decline.
  3. Dealing with a finance company does not have to be a stuffy, impersonal experience; we are friendly and informal whilst being efficient and professional.
  4. Our leasing terms are competitive. We have earned our reputation by combining excellent service with excellent rates.
  5. As we are the underwriters, you will receive a decision from us in minutes rather than days.
  6. We run regular promotions which provide real added value to our customers.

Failure to keep up with repayments can result in the loss of equipment.