Unusual requirements?

Over the years, apart from handling the day to day requirements of creative companies, we have financed items ranging from the unusual to the exotic be it a plane, supercar, tree cutting equipment or a model railway (it was very big and intricate!).


  1. Banking facilities left available for special projects and unforeseen expenses.
  2. Small initial outlay usually amounting to just one month’s rental.
  3. Leasing payments can be spread over a period of two to five years dependent upon value and type of equipment.
  4. A single payment at the end of the lease guarantees retention of the asset for the remainder of its working life.
  5. If you want to sell the equipment after the lease has ended you will receive the sale proceeds.
  6. Rentals are fully tax deductible.
  7. Cash flow is protected and the asset earns revenue in payment of the lease.
  8. No need to be VAT registered.
  9. No penalties for early settlement, in fact a rebate is normally credited to your account.
  10. Additional payments accepted at any time, you have the choice of reducing subsequent payments or the term.


Failure to keep up with repayments can result in the loss of equipment.
We will always try to help you through any cash flow difficulties.